stripesbook, 2009

acrylic on assembled a4 (21 × 29,7 cm) 300g/m² paper, dimensions variables

digital creatures, 2018

4 inches smartphone screen, sketching application and a digital pen

against pyramid, 2009/10

acrylic on superimposed layers of paper m, 180 × 125 cm (I) and 72 × 125 cm (II)


insomnia, 2017

a series of paintings made for the text of stéphane chaumet, published in february 2018 at dernier télégramme
paper m, acrylic, spray paint, 25 × 18 cm each.

les os, 2000/01

acrylic and oil on silk paper, ca 150/200 × 250/300 cm

les os I, II, III, IV

ghost views, 2009/11

i took these pictures through my studio’s windows, that i covered with a layer of white gouache, with a semi pro digital bridge camera. more pictures are visible here

atlas (persistence is all), 2015

paper m, acrylic, wood, 256 × 180 cm